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Lose 10 lbs + Get Taller in 5 Minutes! | Exercises for Better Posture


Ok I know it sounds crazy, but you can literally look like you lost 10 lbs and got taller in 5 minutes with these moves! Whether you have issues w/ hunchback or forward neck, these quick fix + exercises you can do each day will help! It’s a simple way to boost your confidence & feel amazing just by fixing your posture!

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Disclaimer: Love Sweat Fitness recommends that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. It is important that you be in good physical condition/health and be able to participate in the exercise.

By participating in any workout or workout program such as this, there is always a possibility of injury. If you do take part in this workout or any LSF workout program, you agree that you do so at your own risk. You also agree that you are voluntarily participating in these activities and will assume all risk of injury to yourself. You also agree to release and discharge Love Sweat Fitness and Love Sweat Fitness, Inc. from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Love Sweat Fitness and Love Sweat Fitness, Inc. negligence.


| Death Wish Supplements ANABOLIC CREATINE + | Monohydrate| Micronized Powder | Fast Absorption | Zero Sugar | Zero Sodium & Fillers | 5000mg | Unflavored | Pre Post Workout Bodybuilding | Crossfit


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DEATH WISH CREATINE+ is 100% pure Creatine Monohydrate. Our creatine will give you the purest creatine on the market today, PERIOD! We only use PURE CREATINE with NO FILLERS ADDITIVES. DEATH WISH CREATINE+ will give you a massive 5000mg per scoop and 60 servings per tub. Our SUPER pure creatine which contains zero fillers, sodium or sugar is laboratory tested for quality and purity to ensure that you are only taking 100% pure creatine.⚡ PUREST CREATINE _ Looking for the best creatine monohydrate EVER MADE? We have the best pure powder with ZERO FILLERS, ZERO SUGAR and ZERO SODIUM all in one super formula!
⚡ NO SIDE EFFECTS _ No Jitters, No Nausea or Headaches! All Our Products Are Made In USA In FDA Inspected and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified Facilities.
⚡ MICRONIZED POWDER _ Our premium creatine powder is micronized for SUPER FAST ABSORPTION! Nothing comes close!
⚡ MASSIVE VALUE _ Our premium creatine+ will give you a massive 60 servings per tub. No creatine hcl or creatine ethyl ester comes close!
⚡ DEATH WISH PRODUCT RANGE _ Our amazing range consists of only the best supplements! DW Muscle Whey ,DW Gluten Free Whey,DW Testo,DW Glutamine,DW BCAA,DW Blast,DW Post Cycle,DW Cla,DW Thermo Burner,DW Tribulus,DW L-Arginine & DW Creatine +

Movement Skills Balance Agility Exercise For Functional Fitness


Doesn’t matter how fast you go, as long as you go!👊💪

Here’s some fun with GoodLife Fitness staff as we learn some new floor courses to challenge and cheer each other on!👍😅

The MoveStrong GEO Floor Obstacles are a great way to challenge the movement skills we tend to forget about most as we grow old. The balance and agility to do the things we enjoyed most in our youth we tend to take for granite later in life. Using floor obstacles with flat and tilting balance beams, vault boxes, angled steps, climbing and crawling over, hopping from one to the next are just a few ways to keep it fun and always challenging these skills.👌

Made in USA🇺🇸

Learn more about MoveStrong Functional Fitness Training equipment at www.movestrongfit.com


Face-Lift Mask Facial Lifting Slimming Belt V Line Mask Neck Compression Double Chin Cheek Slim Lift Up Anti Wrinkle Mask


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This product adopts imported fabric with high tensile strength, which is breathable, good elasticity and easy to use. Suitable for the lift firming skin, remove the lower face wrinkles, relieve double chin

1. Made of Lycra fabric, which is soft, breathable and good elasticity.
2. Physical way, no side effect, safe to use.
3. Stereo cutting, tighten your skin and lift up your facial contours perfectly.
4. Hook & Loop, adjustable from your own.

Item Type: Facial Slimming Mask
Material: Lycra Fabric
A(circumference from chin to head): 66cm-70cm/ 26-27.6inch
B(circumference from eyebrow to rear head): 59-64cm / 23.2-25.2inch

Package List:
1 x Facial Slimming Mask

1. Do not bundle up.
2. Keep your face clean and dry before wearing.
3. Proposed Wearing two hours a day.
4. Hand wash with neutral detergent.
5. Line dry in shade, no bleach.【PERFECT EFFECT】: Effectly tightens up the face and neck skin, improve facial wrinkles to the maximum extent. Quickly fix the face contours, making your cheek and chin thining, reducing double chin, improving skin relaxation, enhance skin elasticity, can ,make the face to smaller, smoother and add more solid facial lines. Shaping the perfect V line chin. Perfect for Face Slimming
【COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE】: Our face lift band is made of premium quality Lycra fabric, skin-friendly, which is soft, breathable and good elasticity. Stereo cutting, tighten your skin and lift up your facial contours perfectly. Silicone dripping bead can reduce the contact area of fabric fiber and skin to reduce friction damage and tighten your skin by massage way.
【SAFE AND EASY TO USE】: Adopt simple physical way to improve your face shape, mild for kinds of skin, will not cause allergic reactions, no side effect, safe to use. Adjustable Hook & Loop design, adjustable from your own, fits for most people.
【REUSABLE&DURABLE】: This compression chin strap can be washed with warm water, just use a mild detergent, then dry naturally. Easy to use, just wear for 30 minutes when reading, sleeping, watching TV or doing housework. It can obviously keep your chin up, reduce the thick chin and reshapes the facial contours.
【GREAT CHOICE】: This face facial lifting slimming belt is great as a gift to your female friend. it will be a best gift for the beauty of the women. Kindly reminder: Choose our this face slimmer strap, using the safest physical way face-lift to improve a double chin, prevent the cheeks sagging, insist on using more than three months is more effective

8 Minute Cardio Workout at Home, Exercise Routine & Fitness Training for Fat Burning


8 Minute Cardio Workout at Home, Exercise Routine & Fitness Training for Fat Burning
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8 Minute #Cardio #Workout at Home, #Exercise Routine & #Fitness Training for Fat Burning

No time to workout? HA! This 8 minute cardio workout will get you fit in no time! Practice at home or outside in the dirt, this work out is great for all levels!! No excuses not to exercise with this fitness routine training for fat burning!

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8 Minute Cardio Workout at Home, Exercise Routine & Fitness Training for Fat Burning

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