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Tone Your Arms With Only 2 Exercise Moves | Fitness Tips | NewBeauty Body


If you’re looking for quick and easy arm exercises to tone the flab on the back of your arms, or what we call “chicken wings,” then we have a solution for you. We caught up with celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck, who works with Heidi Klum and a handful of Victoria’s Secret models, to find out how she keeps the arms on her client’s looking tight and toned in just two moves. You might be surprised by just how easy her suggestions are, and just how little time you have to spend doing them. Watch the video to find out!

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Host: Anna Jimenez
Twitter: @AnnaPJimenez

Shirt on Anna: Babakul

Shot at: Yoga Poser at Fred Segal


Flow Movement by Marlo Fisken: Traveling Squat Flow No. 1 (Fitness / Exercise)


My Halloween gift to you, the Traveling Squat Flow No. 1. So fun it’s terrifying. Flow Movement® is an exercise and apparel brand created by fitness/dance expert Marlo Fisken.

When movement, awareness and rhythm merge, you enter a state of flow. In flow, you surpass goals, refresh your mindstate, and become your own inspiration.

The Flow Movement® brand was developed by dance / fitness expert Marlo Fisken. Inspired by yoga, athletic conditioning, acrobatics and a lifetime of dance, the movements are born out of a desire to combine these forms into something fresh, balanced, and diverse.

Flow Movement® exercises range from subtle, awareness building floor sequences to complex conditioning and acrobatic drills. Every exercise is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the challenge of fluidity.

For more information about the creator of Flow Movement®, Marlo Fisken, please see

Filmed at Body & Pole NYC
Music by Clubroot, “Embryo”
Catsuit by Black Milk Clothing
Please consult a physician before beginning any new fitness program. I am not responsible for any flow related injuries. Follow at your own risk.


30-minute Full Body Workout – LA FItness – Workout Tip


See more fitness and workout tips in LAFitness.com’s “My Account” ( Learn how to incorporate 4 exercises into a circuit workout for a full-body workout in 30 minutes.


Iskra Lawrence Workout Motivation 2016 – Fitness Exercises Training


I hope you enjoy this video compilation about Iskra Lawrence Workout Motivation and fitness routine.

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Video song:
NAIMA – Let Me See You [NCS Release]


Dynamic Stretching Workout | Autumn Fitness



Hi Everyone! Today I have a DYNAMIC STRETCHING ROUTINE for you. Dynamic stretching just means we are not going to hold one position…we’re just going to keep moving!

Today’s Dynamic Stretching Workout:
0:34 Inhale
0:44 Shoulder Roll
0:57 Arm Circles
1:24 Over the Top
1:43 Around the World
2:03 Toy Soldiers
2:29 Kneeling Press
2:55 Kneeling Side Stretch
3:10 Kneeling Press
3:26 Kneeling Side Stretch
3:42 Forward Bend
3:57 Runner’s Stretch
4:12 Side Rock
4:22 Runner’s Stretch
4:34 Side Rock

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*Thanks for tuning in! Don’t forget that the key to preventing injuries is to be smart, listen to your body, stop if you feel discomfort and talk to your doctor if you have any unique medical conditions.