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how I got in shape // my fitness journey


hi hi please read me!

if you find talk of working out, or “fitness” triggering- please don’t watch! there is NO talk of weight, calories, or any specific numbers in general in this video.

if you’re struggling with body image one of my absolute favorite accounts is this one:

let me know what other videos you’d guys would like to see! and if you want me to do ‘what I eat in a day’ how can I go about it in a way that’s positive, not triggering, and doesn’t cause feelings of judgement or inadequacy? let me know!

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Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Workout Explained by Her Trainer | Train Like a Celeb | Men's Health


Brie Larson got super strong and super fit to play “Carol Danvers”, one of the universe’s most powerful heroes, in Captain Marvel. Her trainer Jason Walsh worked with her for months to achieve her fitness goals. In the latest episode of “Train Like”, Jason explains the techniques and training Brie used to get ready for her role.

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel Workout Explained by Her Trainer | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

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Barre Fitness | Barre Workout | Lower Body Shaping


Join Barre Fitness creator, Ella Jotie (follow her @ellabarrebella), for a workout that is going to sculpt, lift, tone and shape… or should we say shake, your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves!! Our Lower Body Shaping Thigh + Butt Barre Fitness Workout is a quick and easy routine that you can do anywhere, anytime – no equipment necessary! You’ll want to have a chair handy or a sturdy piece of furniture near by, like a park bench or kitchen counter to use for balance.

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3 Lower Body Shaping Thigh + Butt Workout Tips:

1. Remember to maintain your BARRE POSTURE throughout your workout – LEARN MORE HERE

2. When lifting your HEELS be sure to lift as HIGH as you can. The the higher your heels the more muscle activation occurs and the less stress you put on your joints, particularly your ankles and knees.

3. Use your BREATH to carry you through each set, be sure to take deep controlled breathes, especially when the work gets hard and you begin to feel the burn. This will help to keep you focused and finish strong!

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How to Use Machines at Gym Effectively Workout.MP4


“Muscle strength and endurance workout”
– All you need is Smart phone, ear plugs and you are ready to do workout!
– Before you start workout I want you to do a 5 minute warm up by walking, elliptical, bike or stairmaster to get your mind mentally prepared for workout!
– Add Cardio by doing jumping jacks, butt kicks, or high knees between each exercise.
– Set:1, Reps: 20
– Pick a weight that you can only do 10-12 reps; then drop weight and continue reps until you get to 20 reps.
– Hit Fatigue each set to get maximum benefits!
– Remember to have fun!!!


Dirty Dancing Fitness Workout


Get some Dirty Dancing moves from this 5-minute exercise routine.